Changes have been made to the originally scheduled t20 group stage matchday fixtures involving Doncaster Town and Tickhill on 17 May and 14 June.  
The matchday scheduled for 17 May at Doncaster will now be at Tickhill, and the matchday for 14 June that was scheduled for Tickhill will now be at Doncaster. In addition, all fixtures on both these matchdays that were to be played against Doncaster will now be played against Tickhill, and fixtures that were to be played against Tickhill will now be played against Doncaster.  
So, on 17 May, Barnsley and Treeton will now travel to Alderson Drive to make up a group with Tickhill; and Doncaster will travel to Abbeydale to make up a group with Sheffield Collegiate and Whitley Hall. 
On 14 June, Barnsley and Elsecar will now travel to Town Fields to make up a group with Doncaster; Tickhill will travel to Crimicar Lane to make up a group with Hallam and Wickersley. 
Games on 5 July are not affected by the change. 
The reason for the change is that Doncaster Town CC has been allocated a Yorkshire CCC 2nd XI t20 fixture against Northamptonshire that will be played at Town Fields on Monday 18 May. In order to free up the ground on 17 May so that the ground can be fully prepared for the YCCC fixture, Tickhill have kindly agreed to make this swap. We thank Tickhill for their kind gesture, wish DTCC all the best for 18 May. 
The revised t20 schedule is as follows: 
Matchday 1: Sunday 17 May 2020 
at Cawthorne CC 
Cawthorne v Hallam - 10:00 
Appleby Frodingham v Hallam - 13:00 
Appleby Frodingham v Cawthorne - 16:00 
at Elsecar CC 
Elsecar v Wakefield Thornes - 10:00 
Wakefield Thornes v Wickersley Old Village - 13:00 
Wickersley Old Village v Elsecar - 16:00 
at Sheffield Collegiate CC 
Sheffield Collegiate v Whitley Hall - 10:00 
Doncaster Town v Whitley Hall - 13:00 
Doncaster Town v Sheffield Collegiate - 16:00 
at Tickhill CC 
Tickhill v Treeton - 10:00 
Barnsley Woolley Miners v Treeton - 13:00 
Barnsley Woolley Miners v Tickhill - 16:00 
Matchday 2: Sunday 14 June 2020 
at Doncaster Town CC 
Doncaster Town v Elsecar - 10:00 
Barnsley Woolley Miners v Elsecar - 13:00 
Barnsley Woolley Miners v Doncaster Town - 16:00 
at Hallam CC 
Hallam v Wickersley Old Village - 10:00 
Tickhill v Wickersley Old Village - 13:00 
Hallam v Tickhill - 16:00 
at Treeton CC 
Treeton v Whitley Hall - 10:00 
Cawthorne v Whitley Hall - 13:00 
Cawthorne v Treeton - 16:00 
at Wakefield Thornes CC 
Sheffield Collegiate v Wakefield Thornes - 10:00 
Appleby Frodingham v Sheffield Collegiate - 13:00 
Appleby Frodingham v Wakefield Thornes - 16:00 
Matchday 3: Sunday 5 July 2020 
at Appleby Frodingham CC 
Appleby Frodingham v Doncaster Town - 10:00 
Doncaster Town v Tickhill - 13:00 
Appleby Frodingham v Tickhill - 16:00 
at Barnsley Woolley Miners CC 
Barnsley Woolley Miners v Cawthorne - 10:00 
Cawthorne v Wakefield Thornes - 13:00 
Barnsley Woolley Miners v Wakefield Thornes - 16:00 
at Whitley Hall CC 
Elsecar v Whitley Hall - 10:00 
Elsecar v Hallam - 13:00 
Hallam v Whitley Hall - 16:00 
at Wickersley Old Village CC 
Treeton v Wickersley Old Village v - 10:00 
Sheffield Collegiate v Treeton - 13:00 
Sheffield Collegiate v Wickersley Old Village - 16:00 
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