I would like to thank all the clubs for their responses to our questionnaire about the current situation. There was a very significant degree of agreement on most issues, and this was very helpful in informing our committee discussions on Thursday evening. 
Our conclusions are as follows: 
Whilst we would like to get cricket played as soon as we are given the go ahead to do so by ECB, whether through an 11-match programme, if there is the time to do so, or a combination of t20/100 or cup competition, we are very mindful that for any cricket to take place, the right infrastructure has to be in place to support this and to meet social distancing guidelines. For example, whether we can use clubhouses for changing, teas, or simply to generate income; the ability of clubs to get players to games; the availability of umpires; the ability of clubs to get grounds fit for Premier League cricket; the suitability of scoring facilities, etc. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and if the likelihood of play increases over coming weeks, we will seek assurances from clubs on these issues before deciding whether to going ahead. 
In order to allow groundsmen to do essential end-of-season work to ensure that grounds are in shape for 2021, we will ensure that any organised cricket ceases after the second weekend in September. 
Even if a shortened league completion does take place, there will be no promotion or relegation. 
If play is to take place, a minimum of two weeks’ notice will be given to clubs from the date of the decision to play to the first games. 
Weighing cost implications against the value of playing a small amount of less meaningful cricket, if we are unable to play before the beginning of August, we will not organise any cricket. Individual clubs will be free to make whatever arrangements they want to play friendly/social cricket if they so wish. 
If any formal League competitions are organised, player registration rules will not be relaxed. 
The committee welcomes the fact that clubs have said they would not be bringing in overseas players for the 2021 season. In order to protect the financial wellbeing of all clubs, the committee will discuss at a future meeting the suggestion that overseas professionals should not be allowed in 2021. 
The committee were very pleased to note that all clubs said that whatever happens they should be in shape to play in 2021. 
The committee has agreed to meet again on Thursday 28th May, and I will of course keep you up to date if there are further developments before then. 
Gareth Davis gave a presentation on the financial assistance that may be available to clubs, and summarised the help that has been given so far. The message is very simple; if any club is unclear about what help may be available to them, they should contact Gareth – g.davis@yorkshirecb.com. The committee thanks Gareth for all the excellent work he is doing on behalf of clubs in South Yorkshire. 
League subscriptions for 2020 will be waived, and clubs will be billed for balls only if these are actually used. 
On other matters: 
A discussion document about a possible merger with the SYSCL was discussed in committee. Feedback from the committees of both leagues, and the YCB/PLMB, will now be taken into account before a paper is issued to clubs for their comments. 
The committee are of the opinion that, even if there is no play this season, an end-of-season function is more important than ever. We plan to organise a more informal get together than usual, at lower cost, that will be aimed at both players and families. 
If anyone has any comments or queries on the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me – yspl.chairman@outlook.com. 
Keep well and stay safe, 
Roger Pugh 
League chairman 
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